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Monday, February 9, 2015

Software Product Management Training and Certification

Product management is one of those complex roles that has to be learned by doing. Every situation is different and the skills required can vary between countries, companies and products. However, getting a comprehensive overview of product management and learning from others, whether an instructor or your peers, can help accelerate your learning and bring things to your attention you might have otherwise never considered.

In this spirit, I'm offering courses on product management based on the International Software Product Management Association's (ISPMA) Foundation-level Syllabus. This 3 day course gives you the "big picture" on software product management and covers many of the key processes that generate value for product development teams. It also gives insight into effective collaboration or "orchestration" with the other "functions" like development, marketing and support involved in building great products. Like most courses, there are challenging exercises that allow you to apply what you've learned and connect some of the "dots" that you are undoubtedly already familiar with.

While training cannot replace actual practice, bringing these two together in an intelligent way can strengthen both your knowledge and practice, making you a much more effective professional. Taking a course also exposes you to other professionals with similar interests and challenges. If I think about the professional training I've done in my life, I would say that networking was almost as important as what I learned from the instructor.

My courses also offer optional certification, again based on ISPMA's approach. Passing the certification exam demonstrates that you understand what you've learned and shows others, including potential employers, that you are dedicated to growing as a professional.

In the coming days, I'll announce more public courses, primarily in Europe (where I live). I also enjoy giving these courses "behind the firewall" for individual companies and organizations. You can discover more about what I do on my site,

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