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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A simple life hack to deal with the mental "reminders" we receive on the verge of sleep

One of the most annoying things about the way my brain works (there are many of them!) is that its task reminder mechanism works best when I lay down at night (usually exhausted). It seems that almost without fail, when I'm on the verge of sleep, I'll remember something critical that I should have done earlier in the day and need to do urgently when I get up. Until recently, thinking about how I could possibly remember these things in my sleepy state would keep me awake. I finally came up with a decent solution: I bought a pen that shines with a very dim red light. I keep it and a notebook by the side of my bed. The light doesn't wake me up and the peace of mind I get knowing I won't forget an important task is amazing. I realize this doesn't push the innovation envelope, but if you have the same problem, it's a pretty decent hack.

BTW, I have received no commercial consideration for the following link. :P

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